About us


CurtidosBassols is a tannery company since 1876. The tradition, the passion for the quality and the excellence in service is part of each of our products and let CurtidosBassols be a referent in the market.

The sensitivity to the Environment of CurtidosBassols is evident in our constant evolution of the productive process more ecologic like the  Vegetal tanning, the Wet White and the Synthetic tanning.

CurtidosBassols is a tannery company of small leather skins, sheep, goat and mongrel in concrete. The control of the raw material let us to offer a regular product with quality.

CurtidosBassols offer a wide range of products oriented to manufacturing Company of shoes, leather goods and dressmaking. Our products are classified in four finishing lines: nappa, suede (plush), patent leather and fantasy, offering solutions for all kind of needs.