CurtidosBassols was set up in 1876 under the name of Hijos de José Bassols, S.A: as a tannery Company, dedicated to the treatment and transformation of leather to use it in the manufacturing Company of shoes, leather goods and dressmaking.

Since its beginnings until 1915 CurtidosBassols dealt with bovine skin with a handmade process. In 1930 because of the mechanisation of the productive process we could make use of new technologies in the tannery.

In 1985 began the current facilities that the Company has in Olot (Gitona). Our modern facilities have the newest technology in tannery of small skins. These facilities include a laboratory to test and develop new products.

Nowadays CurtidosBassols is present in the main fashion fairs like Paris (Prémier Vision) and Milan (Lineapelle) exhibiting the new tendencies twice a year. The wager for technologies and R&D let CurtidosBassols be one of the main national manufacturers of small skins, being a Company in constant evolution to adapt itself to the new market needs. A fascinating and changeable market as the fashion is.